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AIRE-O2 Propeller Type Aerators on Indian b2b marketplace

AIRE-O2 Propeller Type Aerators

Brand Name: AirOxi Tube
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AirOxi Tube is one of the latest technologies for aquaculture aeration. It is designed especially for commercial aquaculture and has been successfully installed in hundreds of acres of aquaculture ponds. It has high efficiency in both salt water and fresh water.
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AirOxi Tube - Aquaculture Aeration Solutions in Odisha
Kuruda Overbridge,, -756056

The introduction of Aire-O2 propeller has changed the face of the aquaculture industry for the better. Unlike regular Paddle wheel aerators that were previously used for aeration purpose Aire-O2 is a far more advanced more user friendly technology that helps in the process of aeration!

Products Type: AIRE-O2 Propeller Type Aerators

  • - Aire-O2 helps in de-stratifying water column in a pond that in return helps in circulation of the oxygen level inside the pond. This creates a uniform and harmonic oxygen level and temperature inside the pond. - The propeller has only one moving among its 10 parts this actually brings down the cost of maintenance. - Further the bearing of the product does not require additional lubrication does creating a cost cartel in its lubrication requirement for the functioning of the mechanism. - Since the product does not have any gear box therefore it does not requires the hassle of lubrication
  • and also the hassles of failure can easily be avoided.

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