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Special Fortified Nutrition Food on Indian b2b marketplace
Daanda.com Special Fortified Nutrition Food

Special Fortified Nutrition Food

MPN: 91126848878
Brand Name: Malto Vita
Place of Manufacturing: New Delhi
Rs. : 200 / Box/Boxes
1 / Box/Boxes (Min. Order)

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We are a food and beverage company with a strong R&D team and facilities for developing different products and maintaining the nutrition fundamentals.We have a wide range of products catering to people of all ages. We are continuously striving for synergy between technology, systems, and human resources to provide products and services that meet the qua..
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Continental Milkose Ltd.
A-73, New Friends Colony City: New Delhi Country/Region: India, -110012

Malted food drink is the ideal answer for every one of these issues. Furnished with the unrivaled taste of cocoa, these malt drinks are made to taste delightful so your kids expend it with euphoria. These beverages taste tasty as well as have various medical advantages for your kids as well as grown-ups as well.

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