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Brand Name: Susmatex
Gross Weight: 150 Kgs
Delivery timing: 2-3 weeks
Place of Manufacturing: Ahmadabad, Gujarat
Rs. : On Request / Set/Sets
1 / Set/Sets (Min. Order)

About Company

SUSMATEX MACHINERY is a reputed manufacturer & exporter of textile machinery. We are well known for narrow fabric machines since a decade and widely acclaimed for our international standard products, viz., High Speed Needle Loom, Fast knit Braiding Machine, Tape Loom, Narrow Fabric Needle Loom, Warping Machine, Measuring & Winding Machines, Gauze Bandag..
Contact Seller:
Susmatex Machinery
I/4120, Phase-4, GIDC,, -382445

Color: blue and white
Supply Ability: As required
Packaging Type: Domestic Wooden Box Packing

  • Diameter of cord- 2 to 12 mm
  • No. of fabric cords -2
  • Core Insertion- Possible
  • Speed- 1200 rpm
  • Production 80 to 300 meter per hour per head
  • No. of needles 4- 6-8-12
  • Motor 0.5 H.P. (0.37 KW)

  • The Machine has High speed and still quite running
  • Space saving
  • because of compact design
  • The yarn packages
  • generally available in come from
  • can directly mounted on creel and fed to the machine
  • Machine stops automatically in case of yarn breakage or exhausted
  • Continuous attendance of operator is not required
  • Any diameter ranging from 2mm to 12 mm can be
  • produced on the same machine by just changing the cylinder and thread guide
  • Construction of cord 4
  • 6
  • 8
  • 12 bobbins is possible on same machine
  • Density (pick/cm) of produced cord is adjustable by change gears.

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