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Frequently Asked Questions

How many products can I upload on Daandaa.in

User can upload 2 to 500 products,This depends on chosen vendor plan while subscribing to http://daandaa.in/sell-with-us

What prices will be available on Daandaa.in for my products?

The MOP & MRP as provided by you for each product will be available to customers.

How do you ensure that I am getting right sized orders?

The Seller can specify the minimum order amount worth which the customers have to buy products from your store. Also, you can specify minimum quantity for the products to define bundle size for your products in case you want to sell products in lot sizes.

How can I change product prices on Daandaa.in site to reflect market price fluctuations?

You can change the prices, inventory for your products using Seller admin panel instantly. Alternatively, you can ask our customer care to change prices or inventory.

Will you provide me any lead of orders?

Yes, only with complete plan

What are various Sellers plans of subscription?

To know Seller plans please visit here# http://daandaa.in/sell-with-us

What price you will show on site?

Whatever prices you share.

What are my benefits as a seller?
  • Access to remote markets across India
  • Well-designed products, features, catalogues and digital stores
  • Brand building opportunity across local and national borders
  • Cost saving by digital marketing, sales & automated operations.
  • Easy to access vendor panel & catalog management services
  • Store handling facilities
How can I register my company as seller?

Click on Sign In link on top right http://daandaa.in/account/login-sign-up/ Thereafter, click on REGISTER link & then Fill relevant details that's it, after approval from admin you will be able to upload your product on our marketplace.

What makes Daandaa?

Sheer enthusiasm and desire to learn & create a marketing machine for Indian Small scale industries.

How did Daandaa.in get its name?

In Uttarakhand, the beautiful hill state of India, The top of a hill is referred as "Daandaa". So it can be said that Daandaa.in, gets its name from Snow clad hill top of Uttarakhand.