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Glass Washer on Indian b2b marketplace
Daanda.com Glass Washer

Glass Washer

Brand Name: RKE
Place of Manufacturing: Delhi
Rs. : 50,000 / Piece/Pieces
1 / Piece/Pieces (Min. Order)

About Company

Over the 30 years, we have commendable achievements in field of design, manufacture, installation and trading of various kinds of Kitchen Equipment, Canteen Equipment, Refrigeration Equipment, Hotel Equipment, Kitchen Accessories And Canteen Accessories. We have the ability to meet the deadlines and hence have earned accolades for our efficient deliver..
Contact Seller:
Rajat Kitchen Equipments
4/8a, Opposit street No 10, New Rohtak Road, Anand Prabat, -110059

Commercial glass washers for hotels,restaurant, resorts,hospital and hospital at pocket-friendly prices.

Products Type: commercial kitchen
Suitable for: hotels, resurants

  • semi-Automatic
  • Fully-Automatic

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