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Road Sweeping Machine

MPN: 2013
Brand Name: Cleanland
Rs. : 0 / Other
20 / Other (Min. Order)

About Company

We Tirth Hygiene Technology Pvt. Ltd. (Cleanland) Manufacturer & Supplier of Industrial Road Sweeping Machines, Truck Mounted Road Sweeping Machines, Street Sweeper, Road Sweeper Machines, Sports Ground Equipments from Gujarat, INDIA. Our vision and Mission are Making World More Hygienic.
Contact Seller:
Tirth Hygiene Technology Pvt. Ltd.
Pij Road Village-: Tundel, Dist-: Kheda, -387001

Cleanland Model GL-Shakti 009 Premium Ride on Road Hydraulic Sweeping Machine for Road/Street & Industrial cleaning‎. Made in India for Indian Conditions. Best Service & Spares. For Sp offer contact us 079-48900 236 OR E: chintan.trivedi@thtpl.com

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