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Samrat Sharbati Wheat Flour on Indian b2b marketplace
Daanda.com Samrat Sharbati Wheat Flour

Samrat Sharbati Wheat Flour

Brand Name: Samrat
Place of Manufacturing: Pune
Rs. : 110 / Kilogram/Kilograms
100 / Kilogram/Kilograms (Min. Order)

About Company

Samrat India, a leading flour brand of the country, is an amalgamation of nourishment and taste for every household in India. With flour products ranging from whole wheat atta, besan, maida to rava, Samrat products are accepted as the benchmark of quality today.
Contact Seller:
Samrat India
6th floor, Parakh House, 01 Boat Club Road, Bund Garden, Sangamvadi, -411001

Samrat Sharbati wheat Flour is the best available wheat across the globe! Sharbati is the most nutritious, healthy & enriched with vitamin, protein, carbohydrates and all essential nutrients. We possess an own state of the art plant, backed by Swiss technology, which processes the finest quality of Sharbati atta. The processing of atta manufacturing is completely mechanised and totally free from human touch which ensures hygiene level at its best.

Products Type: Wheat Flour
Size: 2 KG
Currency: India

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