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Single Burner Commercial Cooking Range on Indian b2b marketplace

Daanda.com Single Burner Commercial Cooking Range

Single Burner Commercial Cooking Range

Model No.: 01 cooking range
Brand Name: Allied
Rs. : 3,000 to 6,000 / Set/Sets
1 / Set/Sets (Min. Order)

About Company

Established in 1985, Allied Metal Works in premier Indian manufacturer and exporter of commercial kitchen equipment Main products: Hot Equipment, Cold Equipment, Bakery Equipment, Prime Applications of our allied brand commercial kitchen equipment are : Hotels, Restaurant, Hospital, Educational institute, Govt. Office and Eesort Focus Domest..
Contact Seller:
Allied Metal Works
Shalimar Bagh, -110088

Single Burner Commercial Cooking Range

Color: Gray
Suitable for: Commercial Kitchen
Supply Ability: Any Quantity
Original Manufacturer: Yes
Dealership: Yes
Mode of Payment: Cash, DD, Cheque
Currency: India

  • High Quality

  • Suitable for Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Govt. Office

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